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Innovative In-House Design

Helmet Design Service

As soon as you are thinking to design a helmet, our design team will assist you during all the process. Each our R&D team member has a long and strong experience in designs and can come up with ideas covering all styles of helmets. At the early stage, we can provide trend boards from which you can get inspiration for the creation of your model. Our design team will then take the lead, accompanying you through all the steps.

Fast Prototyping

From sketches to production, Aurora Sports sets up a team of professional helmet experts totally dedicated to customer satisfaction. Focusing on creativity and production innovation, Aurora Sports uses CNC prototyping machinery as well as 3D printing equipment if needed. This will allow our product development team to create a helmet and some helmet accessories in volume before going to any type of tooling. By leveraging this know-how, our design team has the possibility to correct any details at low cost, and produce 3D prototypes within 15 days.

Helmet Manufacturing

Helmet Manufacturing Through Smart Production

AURORA Sports limited has specialized in helmet R&D for more than 25 years,

In-house design and R&D teams with established experience, allows Aurora to quickly answer to demanding requirements and create from scratch whole programs and collections with rigorous quality standards.

  • 1 Printing and Silkscreen

    We use non-toxic, eco-friendly paint for all our printing. We have the machinery and capability to do the following:Mitsubishi 4-color offset press, silkscreen press, stamping machines, UV soft printing, UV coating, offset screen-printing, dye-sublimation, decorative decal, water transfer printing and many more.

  • Printing and Silkscreen
  • PC blister tooling and blister production
  • 2 PC blister tooling and blister production

    We have completely equipments,relevant toolings, all of materials are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

  • 3 In-mold workshop

    In-Mould helmet making is the process in which the PC (outer shell of thin Poly Carbonate) is directly adhered (with heat and glue) to the inner EPS shell. This process is used for making lightweight bicycle helmets. It is also becoming widely accepted in other industries for making lightweight but strong helmets for many other applications such as sky diving, paragliding, skating etc. Our EPS material is imported from countries like USA, Germany, and Austria. Higher density EPS, means you can safely pass all your required certifications without any worries. All materials are NON-TOXIC, 7P standard.

  • In-mold workshop
  • Plastic injection molding machine
  • 4 Plastic injection molding machine

    All or our Plastic and rubber is made in house. This gives us the ability to maintain high quality standards, no delay in production schedules, and the biggest advantage is, you can save more money.

  • 5 Inside comfort Heat sealed pads production

  • Inside comfort Heat sealed pads production
  • Carbon fiber helmet molded in vacuum forming
  • 6 Carbon fiber helmet molded in vacuum forming

  • 7 Assembly line and QC/QA department.

    Our quality system comprises of:1)IQC(Incoming Quality Control)2)IPQC(In-Process QC)3)QA(Quality Assurance)Our QA/QC Department performs strict quality control measureson all incoming materials and accessories,They follow and control the quality seriously through the whole process,checking materials before production, controling production, monitoring packing and doing final inspection beofore delivery, etc.

  • Assembly line and QC/QA department
  • Warehouse and shipment
  • 8 Warehouse and shipment

    Our normal package is: PP bag+ color box+ mastercarton